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Little Loves… A First Installment…

#Little Loves

In amongst the everyday, the routine, the runny noses and the non-Monday bank holiday, there has been much to love this week so, joining with #butwhymummywhy … Here goes!


This week I’ve had two books on the go: ‘Confessions of a Mother Inferior’ by Ericka Waller and ‘Crash the Chatterbox’ by Steven Furtrick. I decided on both based on things I’d read and then on what I read in the samples downloaded to my much-loved Kindle Paperwhite. Honestly, ‘Confessions’ stopped thrilling me not overly far in, but I’m still reading, so maybe things will improve (also, I’ve paid for it, so by George I’ll read it), but ‘Crash’ is one of the most inspiring and encouraging books I’ve read in a long time-I love this quote: ‘Before you ever breathed, before you even had the opportunity to show off or screw up, God declared, ‘I want you. You’re mine. I’ve chosen you. You belong. To Me. And you can know that you always will,because you always have. Before you were ever born,I knew you.’ Such an encouragement despite my many flaws.


This week I was fascinated/disgusted/intrigued by BBC 2’s ‘Eat to Live Forever’ with Giles Coren. This was somethin else-never mind living forever, I’m fairly amazed some of these people were living at all! Think it cemented my view though, that everything in moderation is the way forward… Raw meat and animal intestines? Not for me!!


Last week our Primary school put on a fabulous concert, involving every single child in the school-I’m pretty much in awe of the staff!! Since then, we’ve had many, many outbursts/impromptu performances of the songs our two were involved with… We’ve said Hello to Mr Sun and longed for A Room Somewhere far Away From the Cold Night Air on numerous occasions throughout the week since… Pretty apt choices they were too!! In addition, we’ve been hearing lots and lots of banjolele chords as my hubby makes use of his Christmas pressie!

wilmas phone 1144
Ready to go!


This week, as well as workin on a new addition to the Crafty Kit range, a little sick person has meant making time for lots of extra cuddles… Does that count in this category??! Hope so!

wilmas phone 1149


Uh oh…fashion crisis is my default setting but, this week, I have been able to wear less (fear not, we’re takin layers and coats here!) so, there must be a definite mildening of temperature (and yes, that is a word I think I may have just made up)!

And Lastly…

In a week where the back garden got its first cut of the year, I’ve loved watching our two older girls spending increasing amounts of time outside… Warmer weather, we love you LOTS!

wilmas phone 1167
Say ‘Cheese!’

Till next time,

Wilma x

wilmas phone 1173


2 thoughts on “Little Loves… A First Installment…”

  1. Oh the weather has been so lovely this week, hasn’t it? I’m dying to get the grass cut now! That’s the first true sign of Spring, isn’t it? Such a cute picture of your littlest lady too – hope she’s feeling better now! Have a lovely weekend Wilma xx

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